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Cooperate experience and influence how extend?What the third asks is that is Chinese female entrepreneur, she after pickeding up the words tube directly uses Russian and Putin's dialogue, let a circumferential person is an admiration very much.Putin then answers a way very witly, in such a situation, the most suitable match to chase good experience like this deliver to everyone.Later on, the full field is full of laughter.I do timber business.The timber resources of Russia is very abundant, need a development.Do I how want to know the market that gets into Russia?The fourth asks of similarly inside country entrepreneur.Putin says that he new balance 574 menswelcomes very much Chinese entrepreneur carries on an investment in this realm and hope that the timber of Russia can mine and process in Russia to produce more additional values, he hopes that the investment of China can arouse the employment of Russia.Russia is helping small and medium enterprises growth, especially electronic commerce realm, will have what measure?What the fifth asks is a Chinese female's entrepreneur that wears red dress.Putin answered, the electronic commerce realm was a future preferred development direction, develop rapidly now, Russia will concentrate on helping small and medium enterprises to be engaged in electronic commerce.In 2014 Pacific Asia

Through matched to organize an industry and business to leader summits to remit to gather Pacific Asia through match the government commercial circles of organizing 21 economies leader, swarm about 500 strong business enterprises in the world.Chinese entrepreneur is mature and internationalizes and concentrates on working out an actual problem day by day at the summit performance within activity, not the slightest weaker than foreign entrepreneur.This elucidation, Chinese business enterprise has already got ready towalk out.(This report Peking gives or gets an electric shock this report on November 10 reporter, Li Sheng Ming, Cao dollar dragon)add complicated and international capital to flow more structure and form to all countries of the finance took charge of to make higher request.The 2014 Pacific Asia that holds on the 10th through match an organization(APEC) industry and business and leader summit up, financial alignment in the confidence world:Stabilize new balance 420 womensinternational financial order and resume confidence in the margin marketof the summit discussed to cause the sympathy of attending meeting the personage.Each spokesman who takes part in a discussion said that though crisis after finance in the world's taking charge of has already taken place deep change, but global financial the system flimsiness still saves and take charge of to need more transparent and appropriate, and strengthen to be in conjunction with with with each other allied mutual communication.At present, the world financial system still exists many unsteady factors and takes charge of for finance to bring a challenge.New Zealand premier John ·radicle mean, the funds don't divide a country

The boundary can flow everywhere, and more multifarious, if will cause too freely the creation of foam, appear some unsteady phenomena.Moreover, a lot of financing institutions in the world are used lever with a lot of ways, this probably also produces flimsiness.Remarkable BE, beautiful currently unite to keep have already declared to end a property to purchase a plan in October, this means beautiful allied keep the six years long economic incitement plan eventually tells be over and open regression to turn as usual of curtain.But Europe and Japan still turn relaxed policy with the quantity of different form to stimulate economy, the monetary policy dissimilarity of global all countries treads, the capital fluxion is getting more complicated, all countries nike lunarglide 6 mensparticularly are newly arisen market nations in the finance take charge of top face a larger challenge.The United States withdraws quantity to turn relaxed, is the angle that the economic structure adjusts from the oneself to consider the decision of making.American economy gradually resumes and withdraw quantity to turn at this time relaxed is the matter in the reason.But the recovery of European economy isn't that optimistic, Japanese economy at pass by 10 hasn't been getting better too greatly as well in the middle of the year.Anne doubly after appearing on stage although have a brief amendment, the very quick economy sinks into the status of being held up again.So Europe and Japans all turn relaxed policy to stimulate economy in the dosage, this

general manager wears thunder

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The law that discovers the region contains a lot of lack definition places, the freedom of government section cuts to measure power also and lead greatly and worries influence to invest effect, don't know that the circumstance like this can improve.Putin is candid in saying that Russia just at is investor establishment activity plan, draw up the route diagram of getting rid of the administration barracks.He welcomes a business enterprise to his feedback problem, the feedback from business enterprise lets government the section realize what the next move should do.In addition to American Russia the two greatest economies leader, today's industry and business leaders summit up, several Ceos of commercial circleses also mean and see very future Chinese economic prospect very much.The east breeze English thin Ni Di car limited company general manager wears thunder to come asics gel kinsei 4 womensfrom the United States, but he insists communicating with everyone in Chinese.He says that the English thin Ni Di company has already moved headquarters Hong Kong, China, this is also the only famous car maker in the world that is a to move the headquarters to China, this be good enough to see an English's thin Ni Di to China market of Be optimistic about.Wear thunder to think, although China at that moment of the economy increase to soon slow down,he thinks, this from slow down stable process, is a more healthy process.This report Peking gives or gets an electric shock youth report in Peking on November 10:After APEC, the Ao park still connects Olympic park management in Peking of closing

The committee lately notifies that APEC summit after, in order to resume Olympic visitor foundation service in park facilities, the Olympic center in the park area will continue to close a management, the open time needs to be settled.(Youth report reporter, Liu Xu, of Peking)APEC leader informal meeting first day cover and Be in remembrance of a mail article to sell.The Xinhua news agency hair wild goose stays one corner in the lake.The Xinhua news agency delivers an APEC period, large numbers of visitors were attracted to chrysanthemum exhibition in the North Sea, Peking park.This report reporter, Guo Jun Feng, shoots November 10, Peking holds Yan fire performance for APEC meeting at the Olympic park.The Xinhua news agency reporter Luo Xiao onlynew balance 998 sale shoots a hour hand direction 2:40 p.m., Russian president Putin walks into a lord assembly hall, people stood up to applause.He announced a subject lecture's Pacific Asia for the meaning of Russia later on.At this time, in 2014 Pacific Asia through match to organize an industry and business to leader summits have already got into the agenda in the second day.A great deal of business enterprise representative was attracted to Putin's lecture activity to come to listen to a meeting, while the activity finally asked link to then completely become Chinese entrepreneur to be particularly unveiled a field.All of five people who asks toward Putin are the entrepreneurs that comes from China, they ask objective and actual, to the utmost show international Fan Er, won commercial circles to go together repeatedly an applause.Putin

Original plan for five minutes of asked link to prolong 100% many.I had been hoping in Russia to invest and go to Moscow and once investigated many times as well.But, draw on the policy of foreign capital to Russia, I have many places for doing not understand and met many problems how don't know to solve as well, will the Russian future of government can't improve to foreign investor to invest environment?Chinese entrepreneur that the first asks asks one be over, inside the assembly hall rang out many applauses, encouraged asking of his braveness.Putin promises later on, the investment policy of Russia will open more.My nike free 3.0 v5 onlinebusiness enterprise is in the item of Russia talk for a long time, will sign end contract this month, but, this time in chance encounter exchange rate motion, this probably brings me very great damage.In the future, the cooperation of Reminbi and ruble can practically does help Chinese business enterprise evade exchange rate risk?Chinese entrepreneur open heart ground that the second asks says.Aim at his problem, Putin introduced Sino-Russian's good cooperation prospect in the currency.Appeared a string of Russian in words tube suddenly, the simultaneous interpretation has never responded to come over in the beginning.My business enterprise and Russia cooperate very happily, this kind of

old to depend on to expose

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Let the judicature no longer be subjected to administrative interference.Pass the reform ofthe judgment turns to the administration, continuously rises in the judgment efficiency of the Buddha Intermediate People's Court's in the official records in the mountain City piece, the whole hospitalses totally review to wind up a lawsuit a piece 8819, together compare 4.24% of rising.According to know, the Buddha Intermediate People's Court in the mountain City established is old to depend on to expose Taiwan to severely punish break contract to fail in promise the behavior of, this year totally released 630 to fail in promise an information, 32 people are forced to pressure to automatically implement, the object adds up 20,436,200 dollars.Information Times Xun the afternoon of the 9th, such as noodles building door of center going to periodical market one jollification, being located in a town on the river asics gel kinsei 4 mensDan Tu in Jiangsu town area treasure avenue in the embankment town is ex- be rounded ram-jam full-originally, river's mayor Zhu Xiao in the town holds several leadership staffs in the area, town to connect to visit here clearly.The reporter learns of  from the treasure embankment government in the town, river City mayoral? Zhu Xiao in the town received about 60 to come to visit crowd clearly on that day, although many claims didn't get solution on the scene, mayor means that she has already recorded in the official records, will follow-up director.Treasure embankment officer from village in town and Jing said, Zhu Xiao chose in the treasure embankment town to connect to visit clearly, mainly for the sake of solution Mao mountain old area village in the middle of the development existent problem, there is relatively representative in treasure embankment town.According to found a nation owner Dou of noodles building to found a nation recollection

, The mayor connects to visit that very day and arrives his noodles building to come crowd who reflect the circumstance to reach to more than 300 persons more and block up own noodles buildinginside three outside of circles 3 turns, ram-jam full.East early November 10, leader summit in the 2014 APEC industry and business up, American president Obama declares in the lecture in afternoon, will prolong further in the future Chinese citizen leave for beautiful visa term, the student abroad's visa term has already hoped to prolong to 5 years, while the business trip visa have already hoped as long as 10 years.In fact, the spot many commercial circles personages think, Obama's this undertaking isn't and by surprise.First, with each other allied mutual new balance 420 menscommunication is the most important subject that puts forward on Chinese aspect of this time APEC meeting.In several days of discussion, is the representative director of leadering of economy, international organization no matter, is still 500 strong Ceos in the world, or observe and learn congressional young man, all is appealing, with each other allied mutual communication isn't only the hardware mutual communication of infrastructure etc. but also the mutual communication of software, the strength that want to enlarge a business the free contacts of personnel and student for economy for APEC.Obama concerning Chinese citizen of extension leaves for the commitment that the beautiful visa expects, is exactly the response towith each other allied mutual communication subject.Prolong Chinese citizen to leave for secondly

The beautiful visa is very also the performance that the United States sees economic Chinese prospect.While speaking about Chinese economy, he says, he remembers the near even chairman of Xi once said while visiting beautiful, Pacific Ocean enough big, be good enough to permit under Central America two big countries, he also agrees with this kind of standpoint.Central America two countries although each other compete,still needs to look for a cooperation and continues to strengthen the trade of two countries the relation for investing in the business.Obama says that is the anti- shot Ai Bo to pull nonew balance 420 mens matter, or should to the weather variety, want ~only Central America two country cooperations, will make the world be subjected to a benefit.Is exactly to cooperate being optimistic about of prospect owing to two countries, Obama just released the new visa arrangement news.Together is this afternoon, Pacific Asia region another big economy Russia leaders Putin in his lecture, also emphasizes to express the concern to Chinese economy and shows to welcome from the route chart of Mao area at the Pacific Asia that puts forward for this time APEC meeting period to China.At and many Chinese industrial and commercial circles Ceos of in the exchanges, Putin said and welcomed the entrepreneur of China to invest to Russia.TCL president Li Dong livings to ask to say to Putin, though his business enterprise really hopes to invest in Russia, their investment to Russia environment is after carrying on a survey,

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